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The History of the Fanta Brand

For any person who is interested in history there’s many little tidbits of information out there. Stories from companies and various food packaging is as interesting as it is diverse. But not every beverage has as checkered of a past as the beverage Fanta. If you’ve paid attention to the ads in recent years then… Read More »

Automatic Tubig Machine: The Self-Service Coin-Operated Water Vending Machine

For many Pinoys in Metro Manila, the acronym ATM stands for an Automated Teller Machine – but in some parts of the Visayas and Mindanao, an ATM could also mean the very ingenious Automated Tubig Machine. An ATM, as the title suggests, is a self-service coin-operated water vending machine. And I was lucky enough to… Read More »

Watermelon Sprite Float by Jollibee

If you go to Jollibee today, you’ll notice a new drink that they’re promoting for summer – the Watermelon Sprite Float. Personally, it’s doesn’t sound really refreshing – maybe because I’m imagining all the sugar in the drink. You have watermelon flavored syrup, Sprite and of course, the vanilla soft-served ice cream.