Lipton Milk Tea

By | September 11, 2009

While in the grocery today, I saw a box of Lipton Milk Tea. I remember drinking this everyday almost a year ago, before I grew tired of its taste, which eventually made me stop buying it.

But my craving for milk tea is coming back, which started again when I made my own Starbucks Tea Latte a few weeks ago. That’s why I did not hesitate bringing a box of Lipton Milk Tea with me to the cashier.

lipton milk tea gold Lipton Milk Tea

How does Lipton Milk Tea taste? Well, it’s a fusion of milk and black tea – sweet and creamy. No need to add sugar (or honey). Just pop a sachet to a mugful of hot water and it’s ready to drink.

hot lipton milk tea Lipton Milk Tea

So if you’re tired of drinking coffee, then maybe you could try having milk tea and I suggest you go try Lipton’s – it’s the only instant milk tea drink I know. If ever I find another brand, I’ll surely try it and compare which one I like better.

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  2. Jasmik Baez

    Where did you find it?? I have been trying to get some Lipton Milk Tea , but I can’t find any :(

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